Once I went along with a photographer to execute a pre-wedding shoot at a temple. Everything was fine until it started looking fake, which had nothing to do with the couple – it was about the location. And the end results were just as we expected – awkward, fake and non-relatable. This is what happens when the shoot is staged, and not thought through – keeping the personality of couples in mind.
That’s when I pitched the idea of keeping it simple and fun! This way the couples become more comfortable and the pictures stand as the epitome of their love and intimacy.
Here are some of the ideas that you can also put to use for pre-wedding and engagement shoot:

Keeping it colourful

Source: Arjun Kartha Photography

Urban desi feels


Source: Lakhbir Singh

The stair affair


Source: Ramit Batra Photography

Hues of Autumn Romance


Source: Ramit Batra Photography


All things rustic


Source: Plush Affairs on IG

Hangin’ at the beach


Source: ZMolu Photography


Letting hobbies rule the day


Source: Seventy by Two Wedding Stories


Hooman-Pooch Chronicles


Source: Vows & Tales


Cozying in a café over coffee


Source: Captured Moments Media


Staying true to roots


Source: Khamkha PhotoArtist


Tell us which one you loved the most!

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