Bride and Groom are entitled to all the attention in the wedding. For that reason, it is highly important that they receive a super cool entry to the wedding, something larger than life or maybe some that is just pure fun and quirky. So, here are some amazing Bride and Groom Entrance Ideas you can try out this wedding season.

The Fairy Tale Entrance

Wouldn’t it be beautiful if your princess arrives in Cinderella Style?

The Old School Horse Driven Carriage

Rustic weddings aren’t common in India. However, looking at the venues (most of which are now Farm Houses on the outskirts of town), these type of weddings can indeed become the latest trend. Having said that, the Groom shouldn’t be the only one enjoying the privilege of an old school horse driven carriage.

The Royal Indian Carriage

Coming to a more Desi idea; the Princess bride could be given a royal entrance on a golden Swan carriage. This Bride Entrance idea would be a superb addition for that Maharani touch to the wedding.


Picture- Dipak Studios

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The Groom and the Chopper

Now that would be one helluva way to enter your own wedding venue. Hop on a Chopper, Hop Off like a Boss (Do not forget that your bride is the real one though).

Cycle your way to a New Life

With the increasing toll of the city life on our health, wouldn’t it be beautiful to start your new journey in this healthy, eco-friendly way.


Image Shared by Heather Scherr on Pinterest

The Vroom Groom 

Guys love their rides (especially Delhi guys). Hence, we are sure all the Grooms this season would love to this Baraat Entry Idea which involves a beautiful Vintage Car.



The Groom Entrance could also be done in an uber stylish sports car.

wedding entrance ideas

Picture- Maharani Weddings

Tram Baaja Baraat

Just when we thought Indian weddings couldn’t be any grander, we stumbled upon this Baraat entrance idea.

wedding entrance ideas



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