Wedding lehengas are as precious as gems themselves. Some of us decide on what lehenga we want to wear at our wedding way before we know who we are going to marry. The hunt for a wedding lehenga spreads across many lanes of markets, folded pages of fashion magazines, bookmarked Instagram posts, designer stores, events & cities for most of us!
Everyone around you would want to know what you’re wearing for the big day! An outfit that generates such buzz & curiosity deserves the spot-light on itself, a moment of glory & a celebratory photo for you to revel in it’s magic for life!

Today we look at 7 interesting ways in which you can click your lehenga!

 Get quirky with cute elements, like cages:

Image Courtesy: Anushree Reddy


Image Courtesy: Abhit Jhanji

Don’t be shy, get into the frame:


Image Courtesy: Ensemble India


Image Courtesy: Sakshi Malik Studio


A dress with a view:


Image Courtesy: Sam & Ekta

Every lehenga deserves it’s own aisle:

Image Courtesy: Plush Affairs

Put bold colours lehengas against dull/pastel backgrounds:


Image Courtesy:


Image Courtesy:

Use the dupatta to create a dramatic effect:

Image Courtesy: Ensemble India


Image Courtesy: Romesh Dhamija Productions

Hang ’em by a tree:

Image Courtesy: Romesh Dhamija Productions


Image Courtesy: PD Photo Works


Image Courtesy: Kartik Bhagat


Don’t forget to share with us how you shone the spot-light at your wedding outfit!

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