10 Super Cool Photo Booth Ideas That will Make your Wedding go Viral

By Karan M.


In this day & age of Social Media, it is all the more important to give enough photo opportunities to your selfie-loving wedding guests. For that reason, we've curated a list of some super cool photobooth ideas that can make your wedding go viral and your hashtag flooded!

Floral Memories

Who needs Instagram filters when you can give your guests some real-life floral aesthetics for their pictures? Flower Power for the WIN!

Picture by Dipak Studios

Picture by Event Filmers

Not Just Simple Floral Frames, you can experiment with quirky designs like life-size Genda-Phool sun-glasses!


Picture by @Eventures_Asia

Save the Date (Into the Memories)

You are a couple of the hour, you are the reason everyone is having a good time together! So why not set-up a Date & Name frame so that people remember your big day (quite literally, your big DATE). This is also a great way to incorporate your wedding portmanteau (or hashtag) into the wedding decor!

Picture- Pinterest


Picture- The Con Artists

Picture by Shutter Down Photography

Picture- Pinterest

A Social Media-Themed Photobooth? The Selfie clan would LOVE IT!

Picture by Morvi Images

Quirky Quotes that are Never too Cheesy!

Look at Bipasha posing with this quirky photo-frame that is meant for the cutest of the lot! 

Picture- Pinterest

 You can fill your photobooth with similar props so that your guests can choose the one that matches their personality!

Picture- Twisted Images