11 Breathtaking Floral Mandap Decors That Are Perfect For Your Dreamy Wedding!

By Vartika Puranik


As creative floral trends are levitating for the wedding mandaps, we were motivated to curate the most artistic floral decors just so you can have the weddings of your dreams. From amazing colorful floral to single floral decor to astonishing original arrangements and design, we have got everything covered for you in this mandap decor guide. Scroll down and get ready to take some major wedding inspo!


1. If you are planning to have an indoors wedding then this is just the ideal set up for. Colorful similar floral circling the top with mogra in between and the sides of the pillars will surely going to catch everyone's' attention.


Image Source-Jay and I Events

2. Use thin branches of foliage like drapes and you are all set to create the most beautiful floral mandap decor. This is perfect if you are creating wooden mandap and want to keep the decor creative but sombre.


Image Source- ANA Video

3. White drapes with bright colored florals covering the wooden poles is a decor that can liven up the atmosphere of the wedding venue especially if you are planning to get married on the hills.


Image Source-Third Eye Photography

4. This one is simple yet gorgeous. The accent red with white flowers blanketing the top so beautifully with the isle filled with flowers is perfect and will make your blue or yellow lehenga stand out.


Image Source-Rachel Blackwell Photography

5. Just look at the way the flowers are arranged like a wave and the sheer top is covering the florals this time with the hanging glass balls. This striking decor will make your wedding album worth looking at.


Image Source-Nadia D Photography

6. If you are having an evening wedding then this illuminated pillars with the mandap walls covered with vivid flowers are the way to go. This marvellous decor is surely going to take everyone's breath away.


Image Source-Plush Affairs

7. This decor is as pretty as it is simple. Arrange the flowers in different shapes and place them nicely covering the thin wooden manpad and you are all set to make your wedding photographer's job easy.


Image Source-Sonal J Shah Event Consultants

8. Extremely impressive mandap decor with festoon drapes and tomb like floral top will make you feel like a queen. We just love how the drapes this time are on the sofa. This is what dreams are made of.


Image Source-Tumhi Ho Events

9. Gajras are not only for the hair and this mandap tells us how. This divine mandap creation with peach shade floral is a kind of decor that will go with every wedding outfit and backdrop.


Image Source-Elegant Floral Design

10. This awe struck floral decor is as extraordinary as it is effective if you have an outdoors wedding. The groom and bride are no less than king and the queen and the decor should manifest that.

Image Source-You By Poonam Kotecha

11. Instead of using the same flowers as drapes go for gendas and your mandap decor will be incorporating both traditional and modern style for the decor. We also love how the flowers are grouped together as one big flower.

Image Source-Dilli Wale Weddings Photography

Aren't all of them so extraordinary?