11 Wedding Planning Mistakes Couples Make And How To Avoid Them!

By Vartika Puranik


After all the excitement and experiencing the most soul-stirring moment of saying "YES" to your love, it comes down to the important aspect of your wedding, that is "wedding planning". Yes it is all fun, which it should be, but if not paid attention properly, the enthusiasm and anticipation can all go down the drain. This is why we have prepared the list of mistakes most couples make and how you can avoid them to have one smooth wedding. Read it right now so you can avoid them later!


  1. Selecting every vendor before setting a budget

This is the most basic thing but most couples forget it the most. Don't pick your favourite dress or select the photographer for your romantic pre-wedding shoot prior to establishing your budget first. It is the same like picking a cute dress without glancing at the price tag and hanging it back. It is impossible to plan the wedding adequately without knowing how much you will have to spend on each thing.

  1. Not writing down the guest list after fixing the budget

Your guest list should also definitely include the cost of every logistic you are going to cater for them. The cost of chairs, tables, glasses, food etc. Sending out invites before before considering this means spending more than you actually have planned which can hamper your budget. So write down your guest list before contacting your venue so that you don’t have to spend money on things you weren’t prepared for.

  1. Not researching your vendors before

This is a must step after the preparation of your guest list. Research your vendors according to the budget and your preference and break down how much are you going to spend in each department. Make sure to consider the negative reviews with the positive ones too and in case of venue, visit and ask these important questions.

  1. Not preparing a wedding day timeline

Prepare two wedding timeline, first for your D-day and the second for your wedding shopping and ceremonies. Write down the days, dates and time you are going to devote in each activity. For your wedding day your planner and photographer can set up a plan together just in case you would want to personally meet each one of your close friends and click photographs with them including certain elements of your venue.

  1. DIY-ing everything on your own

Yes, everyone loves to DIY but planning and arranging everything on your own will leave a very little time for yourself. After all you should be able to pamper yourself before your wedding and have some quality me time. This is the time you should be able to relish each and every moment with your loved ones. Instead of extensive DIY planning, just add your own touch and personalize the elements of your wedding

     6. Dreaming too much about your Pinterest-esque wedding

Okay we understand that it is the dream of almost every bride to have a perfect fairytale wedding but let’s be a little honest here we can only afford and spend time in things we can really afford and manage. Most of the time it is not feasible to apply your Pinterest inspiration in each and every aspect of your wedding. Get ideas and work things in accordance with your planning and budget.

     7. Not having back plans

You should have a back up plan for almost everything. This doesn’t mean your wedding planning is ought to wrong but you should prepare a contingency provision. For an outdoor wedding venue, make sure your venue have a rain plan. Carry your emergency kit with you to fix any tampering in your wedding trousseau, plan for spending on impulse items. Your vendors should be prepared for any surprises.

     8. Depending too much on your parents

Yes of course your parents are going to spend and do everything they can for wedding but there are times they just can’t meet some needs so you should be able to step in and tackle the situation. Make plans with your partner about how you both can go ahead with the expenses.  

     9. Ordering smaller size wedding dress and choosing trousseau before selecting the venue

Okay we know you have your wedding goals but you cannot increase the size in case you don’t meet your target weight at the end. It is much easier to alter the wedding dress. Also consider your wedding venue before choosing the dress. What kind of fabric will keep you warm or what kind of outfit won’t make you sweat too much. Sometimes you also cannot walk around in heels if it is a beach wedding. Choose wisely.

      10. Not considering your partner’s preferences

This goes for both the sides. You are going to spend the rest of your life with him/her and valuing each other’s ideas should start from this step. Including your partner in each and every step will only make your wedding planning more fun and effective.

       11. Not having fun

Yes sometimes it can be stressful but if you plan the wedding effectively, it can be the most fun-filled and exciting experience you can ever have. Eat healthy, exercise, spend time with your loved ones, get enough sleep, go out and cherish every moment.




Feature Image- Stories By Joseph Radhik