13 Amazing Gifts That Your Bridesmaids Will Love! #Trendalert

By Vartika Puranik


This is the time when you get personal and creative with your bridesmaid's gifts, after all she has been through so many ordeals with you that she probably deserves an Oscar. From zipping your chain up to holding your lehenga while you peed, she has done everything to make every day the best of your wedding days. This is why we have garnered super awesome bridesmaid gifts that you can gift them to show them how much their efforts mean to you!


  1. The awesome tassel trending earrings are the ‘capsule wedding fashion collection’ that you can gift your beloved bridesmaid. This evergreen piece of jewellery can be worn casually as well as traditionally.


Image Source- Nakre Waali


  1. Floral embellished pastel juttis are on the rise are super comfy while making you look ultra fashionable. So what else can be a nicer gift than this?


Image Source- Tradition Meets Trends


  1. Cute personalized pouches with yours and her name written on them is an uber cute gift that is both handy and useful. So start thinking of the design you think your bridesmaids will like the best and get ready to surprise them.



Image Source- Love Micho


  1. She needs coffee, doesn't she? While she takes care of you and your needs when you are getting cold feet, the badass quotes on these cool coffee mugs will be the cherry on the top.


Image Source- Thycupbearer


  1. Personalized thoughtful bracelets with the adjectives you think describe her the best is the way to go if you want to make your bridesmaid feel extra special.

Image Source- For You Designs by Kelly


  1. This ultra chic and ultra cool gold pair of headphones will be her best friend during your wedding celebrations if she's a music freak (which we all are). This fun and unique gift will surely get her bouncing on her feet.


Image Source- We Are Frends


  1. Scented candles with her favorite ingredients in adorable and creative glass jars is all you need to put a wide smile on her face and show her your love.


Image Source- Country Fresh Candles


  1. How about a framed card with a poem that you want to dedicate to her? This gift is from heart to heart and will definitely leave her teary-eyed.


Image Source- Pinterest


  1. Coffee date with your bridesmaid with donuts to go by is the most special present that you can give to her. Yes, not an expensive one but hey money can't buy you happiness.


Image Source- Pinterest


  1. Pamper her with a free spa session where you both can talk your heart out and have the time of your life with a relaxing session.


Image Source- Pinterest


  1. Gift her a book that she can enjoy reading and gain something from it. This will also remind her of you every time she reads it.


Image Source- Pinterest


  1. Quirky personalized bathrobes and cushions are attractive and nifty gifts. You can also have a fun bridesmaid session in these bathrobes. How awesome!


Image Source- Pinterest


  1. Ingeniously decorated macaroons with a bottle of wine will make her fall in love with you even more. So what are you waiting for? Get her this minimergency kit.


Image Source- Pinterest


Let us know what you will be gifting her!