14 Grand “Phoolon Ki Chaadar” Ideas For Your Royal Wedding Entry!

By Vartika Puranik


Whether you walk towards the mandap on the song “Din Shagna Da” or “Raabta” everything around you should be tranquil and dreamy. Your “Phoolon Ki Chaadar” is one of the those things that will make your bridal entrance monumental as it should be. Indian weddings have a come a long way from a simple chaadar to kaleere studded and all-floral chaadar in myriad of patterns and designs. This is why we have picked the most amazingly stunning “Phoolon Ki Chaadar” we spotted in real weddings!


  1. Baby’s breath flowers are not only for your hair but also for an elegant floral canopy entourage by foliage.



  1. Take your phoolon ki chaadar up a notch like Amrita Puri with a profusion of pastel roses chaadar supported by posts.



  1. How about some flower hanging loosely like a scallop from the outer side with a touch of red roses for one grand entrance?



  1. There is no such thing as too many red roses. Just look at this aesthetically appealing laal phoolon ki chaadar.



  1. And this is how a maverick bride experiment with her phoolon ki chaadar with a gleaming light and make one impressive entrance.


  1. This glorious flower canopy with a shape of horseshoe arch and the posts covered with beautiful white flowers is an excellent example of how you make one majestic-esque chaadar.

wedding story


  1. We just love the creativity in this one. The alternate pattern of roses and kaleere with a plethora of flowers at the front is one gorgeous chaadar.  


  1. So this riot of mogras makes one breathtakingly beautiful phoolon ki chaadar that is just so perfect for your fairytale entrance.



  1. How magnificent this chaadar with only kaleere hangings look! This is how you make an elementary canopy look spectacular.



  1. What we love about this is the use of colors. The cardinal pale pink floral embellished with peach and purple roses makes one exquisite canopy.



  1. How can anyone not love this jasmine ka umbrella? This is a perfect twist to tradition and looks as opulent as the chaadar.

romesh wedwsie


  1. How about outlining the frame with vivid color flowers and choose white color as the dominant one for one interesting phoolon ki chaadar?



  1. What makes this phoolon ki chaadar unique is the use of elongated floral hanging that is imparting a sumptuous look.


  1. For a bride who likes to keep it low affair this lily canopy with roses is a perfect choice to make your wedding entrance.


Now you are all set to make one monumental entrance!

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