5 Reasons Why AnnaMaya in Andaz Delhi Will Be Your Perfect Date Night Destination

By Team WedWise


When it comes to romantic cafes, restaurants & meeting places in Delhi, we may not be as blessed as the people living in the city of Love, Paris. So when we found out about the European Food Hall, inspired by the colours and flavours of India, AnnaMaya located inside the luxurious hotel, Andaz Delhi by Hyatt, we were certain that we’ve found the perfect date night destination that would make even its Parisian counterparts feel envious.

Let’s explore the 5 reasons that make AnnaMaya one of the best restaurants in Delhi

A Little More than Just a Meal

As you enjoy a scrumptious dinner at AnnaMaya, you can even shop for fresh ingredients like gourmet jams, artisanal rock salts, home-grown microgreens and a host of other organic food products! This means that you can get cooking the next morning to surprise & impress your better half with a delicious breakfast made all by yourself (you know what they say about men who could cook).

Stained Glass and a lot of Romantic Class

The chic stained glass interiors, live kitchens, spectacular props and wonderful music at AnnaMaya would make your date night even more romantic. After all, the restaurant is housed inside the luxury lifestyle hotel, Andaz Delhi which is by far the most out-of-the-box and creatively classy luxury hotels in Delhi .


Light Food and Even Lighter Moments

In this age of hectic schedules and long working hours, a lot of us want our food to be light and healthy. At the same time, we Delhi-ites are out and out foodies so we can’t really compromise on taste. AnnaMaya definitely impresses us on that aspect by serving possibly the best food in Delhi. The food options include a wide variety of low-calorie dishes that are made with healthy & nutritious in-house ingredients (They have their own micro-greens farm). So as you sip on some fine wine, you can cut down on the guilt by ordering some tasty yet light bites. Their motto tells it all; ‘ Eat Mindful. Shop Artisanal. Raise Awareness’.

For that Wine-derful Date

 Although they have an excellent range of detoxifying smoothies and artisanal fruit punches at AnnaMaya, they also have a plethora of options when it comes to Wine & Champagne (because, no love story ever started at a Salad Bar). From the French J. drouhin pommard to the Spanish Torres mas la plana, AnnaMaya offers a great range to make your date as high-spirited as you’d want.


24 Hours & 7 Days of Love at AnnaMaya


They say, “Time & Love are the most valuable possessions you can share”. You take care of the Love part and leave the time to AnnaMaya. Yes, they're open round the clock. Let the conversations flow as generously as the champagne. The European style Food hall is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to host you with Gourmet, Artisanal food, fine wines and desserts to die for. We’re sure, all of these will work in chorus to give you and your partner, a date night experience that’ll be cherished for long and would also keep calling you back!


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