7 Candid Wedding Photographers for you to choose this Wedding Season!

By WedWise


Candid photography is a must to capture those special moments for your big day. But the market is flooded is options and finding the right kind of Photographer can be a difficult task. For the ones who love natural pictures and secret smiles here are 7 Candid Photographers that will give you the best of what they have to offer.  

  1. Avnish Dhoundiyal

His love for Travel and his expertise with Camera combines to create some of the most stunning Stunning pictures we have seen. Based is Delhi he is open to travel all over India to give you a surreal experience.   candid-wedding-photographers- avnish candid-wedding-photographers- avnish candid-wedding-photographers- avnish candid-wedding-photographers- avnish  
  1. Rishabh Sood

Owner of the Company Candid Tales, there is no match for this man. Amazing Pre Wedding Shoots and Wedding Coverage will leave you wanting to hire him again and again.   candid-wedding-photographers- rishabh-sood candid-wedding-photographers- rishabh-sood candid-wedding-photographers- rishabh-sood candid-wedding-photographers- rishabh-sood  
  1. Neeraj Agnihotri

The King of Candids, Neeraj manages to leave his mark on every picture he clicks. With his hard work and persistence he is worthy of every bit fame he has received. candid-wedding-photographers- neeraj-agnihotri candid-wedding-photographers- neeraj-agnihotri candid-wedding-photographers- neeraj-agnihotri  
  1. Mahima Bhatia

Her Mantra of giving space and not hassling the Bride and the Groom is what ultimately gets her best of shots. Happy Faces make targets for her.   candid-wedding-photographers-mahima-bhatia candid-wedding-photographers-mahima-bhatia candid-wedding-photographers-mahima-bhatia candid-wedding-photographers-mahima-bhatia  
  1. Arjun and Praerna Kathra

Arjun with his wife Praerna make a great team of offbeat photographers who aim to make every picture full of joy. Based in Delhi, they travel all over India and abroad on assignment. candid-wedding-photographers-arjun-kathra candid-wedding-photographers-arjun-kathra candid-wedding-photographers-arjun-kathra candid-wedding-photographers-arjun-kathra  
  1. Siddharth Sharma

An International Photographer based in Bangalore, Siddharth Travels all over the world for work. His work displays his Modern approach to the age old tradition of wedding photography. candid-wedding-photographers-siddharth-sharma candid-wedding-photographers-siddharth-sharma candid-wedding-photographers-siddharth-sharma candid-wedding-photographers-siddharth-sharma  
  1. Jude Lazaro

From Couples to their Mates, Jude leaves no corner of the wedding unexplored. He is always on his toes looking for that perfect Wedding Shot. candid-wedding-photographers-jude-lazaro candid-wedding-photographers-jude-lazaro candid-wedding-photographers-jude-lazaro candid-wedding-photographers-jude-lazaro   We hope you liked the List. Comment your favorite Candid Wedding Photographer to let us know your choice!