Best Royal Wedding Hotels and Palaces In Jaipur That You Still Haven’t Heard Of!

By Vartika Puranik


What comes to mind when a couple thinks of a regal wedding in India where they can also accommodate their loved ones in a setting surrounding with pure scenic beauty and perennial regalia? Jaipur! This pink city is everyone's favourite when it comes to destination wedding in India as it presents you with both serenity and exuberant atmosphere. But what makes everything monotonous is every couple getting married at the same palaces. There are still many resorts and hotels in Jaipur that are lesser known but still as regal as the known ones. Here we have compiled the list of carefully curated palaces and resorts in Jaipur that are perfect to experience its rich heritage and architectural allure.


The most exciting and special thing about this palace hotel is that this was converted into a heritage hotel, but a part is still occupied by the royal family, which also runs the hotel. They call themselves the curator of memorable experiences and the palace with its backstory and Jaipuri milieu clearly manifest their promise. The accommodation with over 60 rooms, each one unique in its architecture and decor will give a cozy and unpretentious castle-like feel. They offer a wide variety of lawns and halls for your wedding.


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  1. Alsisar Haveli - Heritage Hotel

If a haveli oozing out mystic grandeur fancies you then Alsisar Haveli should be choice. They offer a wide range of majestic venues for your royal wedding, which are all unique in terms of classical regal ambiance and heritage. Besides giving you a tastefully done decor that screams magnificence from every wall, they also offer accommodation to the guests. Their catering services are full of personalization keeping the occasion and diet in mind.




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  1. Chokhi Dhani-The Ethnic Resort

This five-star hotel and resort Chokhi Dhani offers an excellent and quintessential village themed setting and have been serving local and international visitors ever since its inception. The group is a unique hospitality chain that makes you familiar with the veracious Rajasthani culture. Their Pink Pearl Hotel is just 15 minutes away from the city center and offers recreational facilities and spectacular views.



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  1. Heiwa Heaven Resort

Whether it is your wedding day or whether it is your intimate wedding function, Heiwa Heaven Resort offers the quintessential comfort in their hospitality affair and the ambiance is precisely designed to cater to all the various needs of any event. Their spacious accommodation with a wedding hall and garden entourage by aesthetically pleasing surroundings is perfect for your tranquil wedding experience.




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  1. Lebua Hotels and Resorts

This Jaipur hotel brings in with its interiors and decors all the rich and vibrant cultural and architectural splendor. The interiors and architectural concept of Lebua Resort Jaipur are inspired by Jantar Mantar and gem craft of Jaipur-Nav Ratn. They offer personalized services for the wedding with their special packages to ensure the wedding is exactly what is desired by the bride and the groom. The couple can further make moderations to the wedding packages offered for flawless wedding celebrations.



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6.Hari Mahal Palace

With its 11 suites and 29 deluxe rooms, your guests will have the perfect accommodation with eye-pleasing tastefully done heritage interiors and decor. Located in the heart of Jaipur city this palace has a real heritage ambiance with its sprawling green and lush environs. There themed suites like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Shekhawati and others with due consideration to the royal past is perfect to blend in the sophistication of each place.



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Hope this list has instilled some new wedding venues names in your mind!


Feature Image-Navdeep Soni