Brides-to-be, Bookmark This Pre-Bridal Treatment Check List Now!

By Eena Batra


Looking like a diamond on your D-day is a dream of every girl once she is hitched. But it’s not just the ensemble that can make you look like a million bucks. It is vital for a bride to take care of her hair and skin way before the wedding functions start. Here are a few pre-bridal treatments you should consider getting done to not be in the ‘How do I get the glow’ situation.

Microdermabrasion: With all the pollution affecting our skin and the bacteria housing the pores, our facial skin becomes dull. So, brush off the dull layer with microdermabrasion sessions. The treatment aims at revealing a fresh layer of skin, leaving the brighter and clearer texture for the world to admire. It will not only unclog but also minimize the pores, improve blood circulation and boost collagen for flawless skin.

Be the ‘Poo’ because ‘Kaun hai vo jisne dubara mudhke mujhe nahi dekha’ is the kind of attitude you gotta have.

Body Polishing: Pay attention to the bodies too, brides. Though face is the first thing everyone notices, it is important for the brides to have well polished and healthy skin. Body Polishing is one way of getting rid of the dead skin and reviving the skin with essential moisture.

Polish yourself for the sensual feels, you know what we mean.

Hair treatment: Hair is the look-getter and it is important for just everyone to keep it healthy and lustrous (at least try!) There are ample of hair treatments available at salons, starting from Keratin treatment and shine bond to protein-infusing treatments. Bride-to-be’s should make sure that they enroll themselves and get regular hair spas, split-end dust offs, and oil massage to make sure their hair shine like a diamond, too.

Flip and flaunt your healthy and lustrous (not ad-like) real hair

Teeth Whitening: The perfect bridal picture takes a lot and the grin is one of the essentials. So if you are a bride-to-be, book your appointment with your trusted dentist for a teeth-whitening session well before your D-day (preferably 4 to 6 months in advance).

Paint them white for no smile-blues (or yellows) and shine away.


Waxing or Laser Treatment: Who wants the unwanted hair when you can flaunt the healthy and glowing skin? Though regular salon visits for waxing or shaving are usual for every girl, make sure you add on to hygiene with Bikini wax or full body laser treatments. Consider consulting a certified dermatologist for the same before locking your decision.

No more whining! Bid adieu to pre-party waxing and shaving forever.