Check out these 6 maang-tikkas to enhance your bridal look

By Eena Batra


Maang tikkas have been a part of the bridal look for the longest time now and women surely are certain of having it forever. From ample of designs to base materials, there is a variety out there which will leave you all indecisive and confused.

Though the decision-making is tough, we suggest you pick one that balances your look and suits your forehead size. Check out these amazing pieces and wisely worn maang-tikkas.

Are you a modern-da bride who doesn't like jadau or traditional looking accessories but still want to be adorned? Then, this pastel and elegant tikka can be perfect for you. 

Photo Credits: weddingdocumentary/Instagram

Nothing can more beautiful than uncut and raw kundan maang tikka with hued droplets.  

Photo Credis: sabyasachiofficial/Instagram

Don't want over the top and heavy tikkas, go for light-weight and small maang-tikka with pearl droplets like this piece by Sabyasachi. 

Photo Credits: sabyasachijewellery/Instagram

Photo Credits: hazoorilaljewellers/Instagram

Amplify and regalize your bridal attire with gold and polki maang-tikka like this real bride. 

Photo Credits: Sabyasachijewellery/Instagram

Want all in one? This maang tikka with multi-coloured drops is the pick for you. 

Photo Credits: sabyasachijewellery/Instagram