D-Day in a week? Here are 7 things all brides-to-be must take care of!

By Eena Batra


The countdown has started and the stress in kicking in more? A month, especially a week before the D-day is crucial emotionally and otherwise, and the brides-to-be need to do a lot to make sure that the stress is not anywhere near them. To help you out with it, we have a list of 7 things all the brides-to-be must start doing at least a week before the D-day.

#1 Make sure you have all your pre-bridal and bridal outfits tried, altered, if needed and in a ready-to-be-worn condition.

Photo Credits: divamagazinepakistan/Instagram

#2 Head to the salon for the last session of facial treatments, manicure and pedicure etc so that your skin gets a span to adjust without showing any sign of irritation (in the worst case scenario).


#3 Re-confirm your booking with the make-up artist and hair stylist to avoid last minute confusions, just in case.


#4 We know this has been over said but drink as much water as you can. This will ensure that your system is free of toxins and your body is hydrated.


#5 Avoid stepping out in the sun because that hard-earned glow is what you want to stay at least for a month more and direct sunlight can be your skin’s enemy.


#6 Have your bridal emergency kit ready and hand it over to someone who will stay near you on your D-day. (Don’t know what that is? Click here)

Photo Credits: desiyodr/Instagram

#7 Heading for your honeymoon right after your wedding? Pack in advance so that you don’t have a thing to worry about on your Day 1 as ‘Mrs’ because we know you have A LOT to stuff in those bags.


Bonus tip: Spend quality and merry time with your girls and family to add on to the happiness and relieve the stress.