Don’t Oopsie! Go Whoopsie With This DIY Bridal Emergency Kit

By Eena Batra


Wedding Day emergencies are a real thing and you sure don’t want to be a failing victim. We know that all you brides want to look your best and to make sure that your look speaks of the effort (and money that has gone in achieving it), we have jot down a list of things you must keep handy on your special day.

So have your vanity ready and shove in the stuff listed below because who wants to be in a shameful situation. Definitely NOT YOU, right!

Bobby pins, hair ties, hair spray and a brush

Well, we know you may spend grands on that lovely bridal bun or hair style but who knows it loosens up by the time you reach the venue? So to be safe, have a stock of pins, tie, spray for the hair-flies and a comb ready for that emergency hair fix.

Photo Credits: faroirl/Instagram

Lip colour of the day and setting powder

Brides must eat before stepping out of their so-called vanity rooms for the real show but we all know along with those snacks, goes in the lipstick. So make sure you carry the shade of the day and setting powder for the last minute touch up.



Clear Nail Polish

Clear nail polish is not just a nail paint fixing hack but it is a savior when it comes to teeny-tiny torn and loose threads and that’s definitely something you don’t want on your wedding day. So apart from taking care of the delicate ensemble, make sure you carry the transparent fix with you.


Sanitary napkins or tampons

Yeah! That time of the month might not be just around but stress can let your hormones fluctuate and thus, the flow. So ladies, carry sanitary napkins to refrain from the stain.


Safety pins

Tired of the dupatta fixing everytime you wear ethnic? Please spare and free yourself of the conscious effort of it on your big day. Carry a few safety pins so that you have everything in place. Twist and twirl to greet those relatives or pose for those photographs without any worry.

Long lasting cologne/perfume

Who doesn’t want to smell like a dream? And let’s be honest, rare are the colognes that stay for long. So ensure that your lovely cologne is near you during all times of the wedding because frequent spritz is all you might need.


Had not thought about these situations? Well, that’s what we do for you!