Elegant & Trendy Henna Designs which are a HIT this season!

By WedWise


Henna is an integral part of Indian Culture as well as, of any Indian Wedding. Also, a beautiful henna design has the charm to make any girl's day (be it the bride or the bridesmaids). So here are some inspiring and elegant Arabic Henna designs, pretty enough to bring in those sanguine vibes at any Indian Wedding Function.

Henna Designs which are IN and Trendy


Unconventional and intriguing, this particular design extends up to the forearm. With its detailed forearm design, it ends up giving an amazing feeling to any girl going for it.


With the triplet of pretty little flowers in the middle and an extension of leaves towards the forefinger, this is a pretty henna design, meant for those who like simplicity and elegance on their palms.


The Chakra design is a perfect way to go desi with your henna designs, signifying the circle of life, a beginning of something new. 


With the incorporation of beautiful spirals and a floral pattern, this particular design is a reminiscent of a hand-crafted piece of art on your palms.   Here are some more designs that you could show to your Henna Artist, and inspire him/her to create something magical for you and your friends/relatives to rejoice.