From Shakira Live to a Hover Craft inside the Venue, this Venice Wedding is Grander than the Grandest!

By Karan M.


Now even though the video we're sharing isn't exactly a recent one. Yet, this half a decade old Venice wedding will mesmerize you with its Grandeur & Magnificence.

From Masquerades, gravity-defying acrobats & entertainers to Shakira's live performance, this magical celebration, with the romantic Italian architecture in its backdrop, is unlike any other destination wedding we've ever seen.


Badal Raja Company's seasoned cinematography and soundtrack-play add a different dimension to the scale of this beautiful wedding in Venice. Here are the 5 and a half minutes of sheer magnificence and awe-inspiring moments; (P.S. Watch till the end because the fire-works fiesta at the conclusion is the stuff that the Wedding dreams are made of).


THE MAGICAL VENICE WEDDING from Badal Raja Company on Vimeo.