Having a dreamy destination wedding? Here’s who you should get to cover your wedding!

By Eena Batra


Photographs and videos are not just stills or films but memories that take you on a tour, especially when it comes to special days. And what can be a bigger event than your wedding.

Now that you’ve got your minds running around it really, we suggest you check out the following photographers and cinematographers, whose work will leave you mesmerized.

1. Ramit Batra is one of the finest photographers that does candid and wedding photographer and make up. His USP is capturing happy and merry, larger-than-life images that matches the wedding vibes perfectly.


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2. Stories by Joseph Radhik is a photography firm that is not only recognized by global magazines but have travelled across 27 countries to capture real merry moments.


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3. Weddarazzi is a team of brilliant people that are taking wedding photography and cinematography to another level with their quirky and thoughtful clicks.

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4. Artfoto Studios is known for their exclusive wedding productions that depict emotion, love and their passion of capturing life.



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5. Photo Tantra is another wedding production that is loved by everyone for its impeccable captures.

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Posing already ? Let the expert shutters capture your happy days.