Make sure these MUST-HAVEs are on your trousseau shopping list

By Eena Batra


The best thing about getting married is the all-new-closet that the brides-to-be get to make. From clothes, bags, shoes to beauty and skin care products, the girls need, want, and buy almost all that they like but we often forget to invest in few of the most important and essential things.

Yes, to make it easy for you pretty ladies, yet again, we have curated a list of trousseau must-haves.

1. Light ethnic wear: We all know that ethnic wear is a must in the trousseau of an Indian bride but you sure don’t want to look overdressed at not-too-fancy occasions, right? So make sure you carry a few pairs of light kurtis or suits for those occasions.


Photo Credits: azafashions/Instagram

Photo Credits: ampmfashions/Instagram

 2. Flat and comfy footwear: Don’t tell us you want to roam around the house in those high heels all the time (Well, that’s not just uncomfortable but also not practical). A pair of flat and comfortable footwear is a MUST.

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3. Offbeat jewellery: Not all your outfits need diamond or polka, girls. Let the silver jhumkis, statement neckpiece or rings and earrings amp up your look.

Photo Credits: minerali_store/Insatgram

Photo Credits: prerto?Instagram

4. Extra pair of fitted denim: Never underestimate the power of a fitted denim. This holy piece of clothing (including extra pairs) is what every girl needs in her trousseau. Invest in a great pair and you will have no regrets.

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5. Swimsuit: What? You thought that single piece of swim wear will be enough? Well, we suggest you buy at least 3 swim suits, each in different colour and style to add more style and sensuality to your trousseau ‘cause weekend getaways are random and you might not get time to shop later.

Photo Credits: shivanandnarresh/Instagram

We know you had not thought of adding these (extra ones at least) to the trousseau. Now that you know their need, get on budgeting for them.