Nail your bridal look with these artistic extensions!

By Eena Batra


Boys may not understand but we know that every single detail of your bridal look makes a huge difference. A lot of experts may guide you about your lehenga, jewellery, make up but not everyone knows how important your hands (we mean, nails) are.

From zoomed up captures in the ring folio to greeting the guests, your nails are going to catch a lot of attention. And apart from the darkened mehendi, what else needs a fix here are, nails, ‘cos brittle and untamed nails are a big NO! So here are some artistic ways to beautify your nails and elevate your overlook look.

Majority of brides-to-be opt for deep monotone to keep it simple and classy. *HOOTS*

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Photo Credits: v_mire_nogtey/Instagram

If you want to go a little fancy along with a matching base colour, you can add a bit of gold art to let the art stand out.

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Have a western-ish pre-wedding outfit? Go bold with metallic magic.

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Theres nothing better and more minimalist than classic french nails. The beauty of these simple yet clean nails is justifiably delivered and known.

Photo Credits: nova_nailstudio/Instagram

Want something extra fashionable and bridal? These glitter dusted nails are what you need.

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Photo Credits: vluxe_nails/Instagram

Indecisive yet? Well, then these crystal and studded nails are what you need to check out.

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While you may keep busy honey-mooning or chilling post-wedding, make sure you keep your nail extensions and art well maintained and visit the salon regularly for fixes and nail health.