New Age Off Beat Jewellery Designers You Need To Check Out Next Time You Are Online Shopping!

By Vartika Puranik


New Age Off Beat Jewellery Designers You Need To Check Out Next Time You Are Online Shopping

In this of age of digital world, artists are paving their way through this road and creating milestones. We know how the wedding shopping can get tedious and therefore to minimise the ordeals for our girls, we have carefully created a list of ingenious jewellery designers who have brought in uniqueness in their collection by blending Indianess with contemporary styles.


  1. Vaitaanika-Known for its meticulous and intricate ablaze jewellery, Vaitaanika is here for every Indian bride's need. The ability to draw inspiration from different regions of India and fusing the traditional elements with a sense of modernity in the creation sets the brand apart. Ageerika Hari knows how to make a bride stands apart with her timeless and classic jewellery.

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  1. Nakhre Waali-As the name suggests, Nakhre Waali is all about the real person inside you. The idiosyncratic jewellery pieces definitely want to make us flaunt our "Nakhras" . The colour blocking jewellery with a fresh contemporary touch without compromising on the detailing and the uniqueness makes this brand one of a kind.

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  1. Raabta By Rahul- If you are looking for traditional luxurious wedding jewellery with a slight hint of eccentric touch to it, then this is your destination. Sonam Kapoor looked ravishingly original wearing this exaggerated pearl nose ring at Cannes 2013. Their collection has a colossal variety of Indian jewellery, from headgears, saatlada haar to meenakari jhumkas, you will find everything.

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  1. Atelier Mon- This Delhi based jewellery brand oozes out elegance with every single jewellery. The minimal and sophisticated collection has seamless designs and yet it makes the statement. This is ideal for the bride who likes to keep it modest with a unique style.

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  1. Fooljhadi- This hand crafted brand of jewellery aligns with its name. If you are a quirky and fun bride who wants to experiment with distinctive looks and not afraid to take the road less taken, then this brand is for you. The traditional embroidery on the jewellery that blends with western concept makes it special.

Image Source- Fooljhadi


  1. Isharya- Shopping for jewellery for the wedding function? Then this is the perfect brand of your dreams. A premium designer jewellery brand founded by two sister-in-laws, blends modern technique with heirloom details to bring you the glamorous pieces with striking aquamarine and frosted green crystals.

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  1. Valliyan- Mumbai art deco architecture has always been her inspiration and she incorporates semi-precious stones, glass, crystals, metals, acrylic etc into the concrete carved designs. Her signature tassel earring was worn by Deepika Padukone at MTV awards 2017. Beautiful designs with fine textured surface gives aesthetic appeal to the collection.

Image Source- Valliyan


So don't forget to check them out!