No 'I Do' Without The 'Crew': Ask out your girlfriends with a fancy Brides(maid)posal hamper like this!

By Eena Batra


Want to spill the news of your wedding date in a special manner for your besties and girlies? Well, we know exactly how to do that! We know your girl friends mean a lot to you and you want them to feel special because of you before you turn from Miss to Mrs.

There’s nothing better than a bridesmaid hamper to burst the bubble and surprise your girls. Now, what all should the hamper comprise of? Well, fret not. We know exactly what needs to be a part of the gift hamper.

A framed picture of all you girls together or you with each one of the girl separately. This will add the perfect touch of emotions to start with and reflect how much your BFFs mean to you.


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Another must-go in the hamper is a personalized note asking your girfriends to be your bridesmaid. 

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A bottle of your favourite alcohol because who parties without it. Have your girls pop a champagne or bottom down that jagermeister in happiness as you reveal the big news.

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Stash or personalized T-shirt saying ‘Bridesmaid’ or ‘Team Bride’. This is something your girls will love as it will make them feel a part of the close-knit bride crew. You can also add classy hand tattoos in the hamper.

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Don’t forget spoiling your girls with exotic and artisanal chocolates or cupcakes and brownies. No great news is complete without dessert and yours surely deserve it.


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Another classy inclusion can be scented candles and other aromatic stuff that will enliven up the hamper. 

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MUST ADD: As your girls will be celebrating and downing the drinks of love, make sure you let the hamper have hangover cures like PartySmart and LivItUp for in-time mornings.

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