Planning A Beach Wedding? These Are The Things You Should Definitely Consider For It!

By Vartika Puranik


Planning a wedding, in any case, is hard, and especially when you are thinking about having a beach wedding, it makes it harder. From your trousseau to the choice of the beach to your ceremony length, there are a lot of minute details that you need to keep in mind before finalizing everything. We are here to make it easier for you with our list of the most important things to know for your beach wedding so that you can have the most classic, serene and beautiful wedding that it should be.


  1. The date of your wedding- When you are planning a beach wedding, finalize your day and date after choosing your place. Keep in mind the price and availability depend on the time of the year as you might be charged extra if you get married in the season when the beaches are open for the tourists around the world.


  1. The day/time of your wedding- Beaches are picturesque enough that you don’t need to go overboard with your decor and this is why your wedding album should capture the true essence of the beauty. Choose the best time of the day when you can get the most clear and scenic pictures.


  1. Weather and season for the ceremony- Avoid getting married in summers as it might be possible that you end up drenching yourself and your guests in sweat. There are less desirable times to be on the beach and check with wedding professionals before deciding on anything as your entire planning will depend on it.


  1. Powder rooms for the wedding- It doesn’t matter if your ceremony length is short or long, your guests will still need to answer the nature’s call. Keep in mind you might have to have to rent a powder room or portable toilets for your guests and also for yourself to touch up.


  1. Beach permit for the wedding- Check with your venue if you require a beach permit because some locations require a permit from the city to host a wedding. You don’t want to force stop your wedding in between or show up when another wedding is taking place.


     6. Trousseau for the wedding- No doubt this is one of the most important things to keep in mind for yourself and also for your guests.             Prepare your guests beforehand so that they also choose the outfits accordingly. Identify what you can pull off and what you can’t. Put             comfort over that 20kgs lehenga in which you probably can’t enjoy your own wedding. Heels are a big no no for a beach wedding.                   Consider choosing from juttis or bridal ballerina flats. But if you still can’t leave you heels pick either platform or block heels.


  1. Logistics for the wedding- If you are having a beach wedding you should know by now that you won’t be able to accommodate thousands of guests but you still need to acknowledge the guests for which you have to make some extra arrangements like your grandma on the wheelchair.


  1. Have a backup plan- So this goes without saying. Prepare for the wind, provide canopies if it gets too hot. Tides and inclement weather don’t announce their call before coming.


So now that you know what to consider before planning your beach wedding, we say “go for it”!

Feature Image- The Holiday India