Rock that Rock with these ring selection guide 101

By Eena Batra


We all love the beautiful rocks on our fingers and why not? Isn’t it amazing to flaunt the love in style? Hell, yes. But women often stumble when it comes to picking the perfect ring for them.

We have a ring-decision guide that will help you select the best for yourself.

Select a size that suits and complements your hand and fingers because you don’t want cents on the carat-deserving finger and neither do you want an over-sized rock on the petite hands.

Make sure the diamond has absolutely no yellow spots. Check the rock thoroughly as the tinted diamonds are a sign of impurity. More the clarity, premium the piece.

Select a band that’s not too overwhelming and over the top. Some girls prefer the ring bands to be highly raised or to be too broad for the diamond to be visible and evident but the style doesn’t suit everyone, so make sure you try as many bands as you can before deciding. 

Ensure that you select a different and classic one amongst the basic round shape to pear, princess and other fancy shapes. The superiority of the diamond depends on how precise the cuts are. Cut of a diamond is directly proportional to its quality.

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