Shivan & Narresh Just Designed the Hottest Bachelorette of the Season and We're Mind Blown!

By Nandita


So your bestie is getting married and and you can’t keep your excitement in control. You want to gift her the best experience before she becomes Mrs. So what do you do? Plan a kickass bachelorette- Simple! Bachelorette parties these days are totally shifting to extraordinary from the ordinary. One such bride Kaabia Grewal (founder of Outhouse) celebrated her bachelorette in Mykonos, Greece. The bachelorette #MyKABanos was planned by designers Shivan and Narreshkeeping the Grecian vibe of the town in mind. A quintessential getaway to the glamorous island of Greece, this bespoke bachelorette, was not just a celebration of Kaabia’s last few months of singlehood, but a bonding experience with her best buds. And it was picturesque and enviable AF. Here are some photos from the bachelorette that’ll make you swoon! :)

The theme-oriented bachelorette observed twinning as the primary trend for the entire duration of the getaway.

P.S Check out the robes and the customised celebratory accessories to go with the looks for each day, and the colour-coordinated shifts!

The Outhouse Party Starter Kit, which featured a quirky hand-embroidered duffel bag with exclusively designed & handcrafted bits and baubles, personalized Drachma Coin Medallions and evil-eye ear studs, among other bachelorette goodies. 

That’s some tropical prints in play.

Kaabiya’s bridesmaids were stylishly called the ‘ I Do Crew’

Playful designs by designers Shivaan and Naresh

Bride with Bridesmaid shoot goals

The bride squad in one frame

So are you dreaming about your next trip to Mykonos already? Tell us in the comments below.