Super Cool Ways To Glam Up Bridal Bun

By Nandita


It is seen that most Indian brides opt for the traditional bridal bun on their D-day. Even if they are experimental with their hairstyles for other pre-wedding functions, they still choose the age old classic bun to go with their wedding lehenga. So all you wonderful brides, we share with you ways to glam up that traditional bun so that you can amp up your bridal portraits! Here we go-

What a beautiful large low bun covered with real jasmine flowers!

Image- Pinterest

Another variant with jasmine flowers is to use the entire gajra in circular pattern.

Image- Pinterest

Descending jasmine flowers with golden hair accessory.

Image- Imesh Ekanayake


Royal style with bun wrapped in gajra and mesh with fancy hair pin.

Image- Pinterest

Twisted hair bun with individual peach roses pinned in.

Image- Vivek Krishnan

French braid low bun with red roses

Image- Archana Rautela


Low bun wrapped in gajra and filled in with exotic flowers

Image- Pinterest


Twisted hairdo with mesh,  red flowers and gold pin in temple jewellery style

Image- Vivek Krishnan


Exotic flowers pinned with golden droplets accessories

Image- Pinterest


Glamourous bun with plumeria flowers pinned with baby’s breath flowers and amped up with golden pins

Image- Sandeep Gadhvi


You spend so much time in finalising your wedding makeup and look, so it is important not to miss the hairstyle too. Now that you have a list of references, Do tell us which one would you opt for your own wedding?