Textile Showcase, Styling & Bridal Makeover: This OhFabXWedWise Event Defined Exemplary

By Eena Batra


The royal Taj Palace recently went more regal with the showcase of Oh-Fab’s new collection ‘Pavitra’ (curated and organied by WedWise). The exclusive event was a brilliant show for all women of all ages, from the millennial to the experienced, who love Indian handloom.

 The event was one-of-its-kind as the one-day showcase of fine handloom was not restricted to drop and shop scenario, but also had Guru (celebrity makeup artist), Pranay Jaitly (celebrity stylist) and Latique (jewellery) as their partners for the event.

The most exciting and unique part of the event was the styling and makeover of three real brides-to-be. The brides-to-be were styled by Pranay Jaitly in the exceptional sarees by Oh-Fab’s new collection. The ladies were then adorned with jadau jewellery by Latique and received a makeover by Guru. Not just this, the brides-to-be also got a chance to pose and show in a professional shoot.

In all, the show received love from the styling master class audience (held by Pranay Jaitly) and the large number of walk-in shoppers as well. Missed the chance to drop-by? Here’s a glimpse for you.