The Coolest Bridal Portraits That You Should Definitely Ask Your Photographer To Take!

By Vartika Puranik


With all the pictures that brides take with the bridesmaids, family and relatives, it often leaves less creativity for the bride to show for her own bridal portrait. Those classic jewellery and makeup shots look gorgeous without any doubt but the brides gotta have some fun. After all, it is the most special day for any girl so why not take pictures that you would want to look after the wedding to reminisce the #bridechilla you were? Ask your photographers to take these snaps!

  1. What a unique and bindass capture of this bride adorning herself with her fav gloss!

studio kelly

Image Source- Studio Kelly Photography


  1. How about this shot where you are anticipating before you get ready for the D-day?

 anshupa wedwsie

Image Source- Anshupa Photography


  1. The coolest shot in your darling blue jeans, well in her case black jeans!


Image Source- Wedding Twinkles


  1. With your quintessential childhood school sneakers posing for the camera with a tongue out pose!


Image Source- Sejal Salvia


  1. How about you goof around and ask your photographer to capture them?


Image Source- Naman Verma


  1. Here’s how you make a picture both regal and coolest looking!


Image Source- Morvi Images


  1. With a nariyal pani in your hand and your shades on!


Image Source- Shades Photography


  1. The “posed” candid picture where you pretend taking off your lehenga!

radhik wedwsie

Image Source- Joseph Radhik


  1. Uff! The classic melodrama bride pose!

aqua wedwsie

Image Source- Design Aqua Studio


  1. Because a bride can pull off this pose as effortlessly as any groom!


Image Source- Sakshi MUA


  1. A perfect gangsta bride pose!


Image Source- Amit Photography


So which one do you like the most? We are sure all of them!