The Ultimate Pre And Post Holi Hacks For A Bride-To-be-#skincareandadvices

By Vartika Puranik


Even a bride-to-be can’t get away from this festival of colors. We all know how we go from no Holi clean face to full on walking ghost smeared with powder colors. And if your wedding is around the corner too, you don’t want the colors and paints to give you allergies. But this is why we are here with our ultimate pre and post-Holi skin care hacks and advice guide for every bride-to-be!


Pre Holi


If you have been so busy with the wedding shopping and totally forgot to give a deep massage to your scalp, well then now it’s the time. Your quintessential coconut oil is the best for the protection from the Holi colors and paints for your luscious hair.

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen. In this weather? Yes! sun works in mysterious ways and it is advisable to wear sunscreen even in winters so if you forget this important step then you are harming your skin more than you can imagine. DON’T FORGET THE LIPS TOO!


Sunscreen will definitely protect from the weather but a generous amount of almond oil will help moisturize skin and act as a sheath between colors and skin.


Wear only dark colored clothes if you want the minimum damage to your skin. After all, with all the wedding arrangements, you won’t have the time to devote in your washroom removing colors from the body.


Cotton tees are your only best friends. The colors, when come in contact with synthetic or other fabrics, may cause skin allergies or rashes. So let your skin breath.


Cut cut cut your nails. Or if you are trying to flaunt your long manicured nails and don’t want to cut them DO NOT FORGET to rub some olive oil on your nails. It will shield your nails.


WATER! The ultimate life source. If you accidentally skip drinking water in this Holi madness tomorrow then colors are surely going to make your skin look dull and lifeless.


Post Holi


Use only HERBAL AND NATURAL soaps to remove colors. Chemical based soaps will end up damaging your skin and do not scrub yourself harshly.

DO NOT USE SOAPS on your face at all. Instead, go for foaming face wash and give a nice and gentle massage to your face.


Use sandalwood powder or any other homemade face masks to remove the remaining color patches from the skin. Use rosewater and lemon juice for better results.


BATH SALTS is your Brahmastra! Give yourself the ultimate body spa at home with bath salts and SODIUM BICARBONATE to remove the colors from tough areas like elbows, ears etc.


Avoid wearing makeup for a day. But if it’s really necessary then do not coat your face with several layers of foundation, concealer etc. Go for a BB cream instead.


If you are itching then do not scratch at all. Ice is your ultimate rescue option to soothe any irritation on the skin.


Avoid threading, waxing, shaving etc at any cost for at least a week. You will end up with sores and bumps all over the body.

Last but not the least- DO NOT FORGET TO HAVE FUN :)

Happy Holi to our WedWise community!