This Skincare Clinic Will Cater to All Your Pre-Bridal Beauty Needs!

By Shreya Rathi


Started by Dr. Chiranjiv Chhabra 21 years ago, Skin Alive has formed a niche in skin care for 21st-century people who go an extra mile to keep their skin healthy. With an increase in the number of clients, especially brides, they spread out to key locations in the NCR area along with centers in Gurgaon and Chandigarh. [caption id="attachment_4325" align="aligncenter" width="650"] Dr. Chiranjiv Chhabra with a patient[/caption] Witnessing a significant increase in demand for bridal care, Skin Alive crafted customized convenient packages for to-be brides to condition their beauty for their big day and after. They even tailor their services to meet the exact need of the brides and to cater to their detailed expectations. Their “Radiant Bride” services include laser hair removal, glow complexion and rejuvenation therapies, and body shaping, body tightening, stretchmarks and cellulite removal therapies.   Here are their three exclusive services, which we found unique and ideal for every bride! • COOLSCULPTING – A revolutionary non-surgical contouring treatment, coolsculpting is ideal for brides looking to decrease inches from areas dominated by stubborn fat. The best part about this treatment is that unlike other body sculpting processes, it doesn’t include needles, surgeries, and zero downtime. It is a completely safe, non-invasive treatment that doesn’t hold the patient back from resuming any normal day-to-day activity.   • DIAMOND POLISHING – Here’s an amazing therapy for women who complain of poor skin quality due to dead skin cells. Diamond polishing offers safe and gentle skin exfoliation to remove dead cells thus improving skin quality, open pores, tan, blemishes, wrinkles and stretch marks. This treatment results in clarity thus giving you a youthful glow.   • DERMAL FILLERS – This therapy helps in filling up grooves, wrinkles and hollow areas of the face to sharpen and improve facial features. Skin Alive uses premium fillers to fill creases on face including deep frown lines and for the treatment of hollow cheeks. It is also used for lip augmentation and to reduce the visibility of recessed scars.   One of our team members went for the session of Oxygen Face Therapy. Here’s the review:-   “I was taken to an assistant, after filling up my form, who was very welcoming and ready to answer all my queries. After understanding my acne problem in detail, she briefed me about the complete process of the therapy and its benefits. I was a little reluctant of getting any therapy, but I am glad I made the choice to get it done. They used homemade aloe vera gel to soothe my skin with other natural ingredients such as nutmeg. My skin automatically felt hydrated. In the process of supplying oxygen to my skin, the doctor assigned also gave me acupressure to relax tensed face muscles.”   So we are saying.. take your glamour quotient notches higher! After all, all the cameras and eyes are going to be on you. So it is always better to trust your skincare needs with a seasoned and professional doctor like Dr. Chhabra. You deserve the pampering.     Here are their details:- Website - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram -