Unique Jaimalas We Spotted And How To Pick The Perfect One: Ultimate Jaimala Guide!

By Vartika Puranik


Lehenga check! Jewellery check! Shoes check! Sherwani check! Jaimala? Yes, we know when it comes to Jaimala, people tend to pay less attention to it. As this is the age of redefining traditions, it is not just a wedding garland but also an accessory. After all your wedding album is the only treasure book that will preserve the memories when you want to reminisce them. And also because we know how much couple these days pay attention to coordination. So here you go, we have put together the ultimate photo list of Jaimalas just for you!


  1. Bright contrasting jaimala with earthy hued outfits- This dark contrasting color varmala is ideal one for you, if you want to enhance the tone of your subtle colour outfits. With the jaimalas striking out, it makes one hell of a coordination.


TIP- Avoid wearing bright color outfits with the same dark shade jaimala.

Image Source: Abhisakhi Photography


  1. Similar color jaimala and outfits- This light peach and white jaimala looks absolutely stunning as it is blending in perfectly with the outfit colors. A subtle and remarkable way to coordinate varmala with the outfits.


TIP- This jaimala will also perfectly go with the frosted green and blue wedding outfits.

Images Source: Ivy Weddings


  1. Different color jaimala with the same tonal color outfits- Rose red and white jaimala can also be worn with the light tonal colors. This is an easy to pull off coordination and yet will leave your guests glancing at you for the whole event.


Image Source: Girl in pink photography


  1. Similar outfit and coral tonal color jaimala- This is such a fun way to wear a coral jaimala with the same shade outfit, irrespective of the tints and shades. The coral tonal color jaimala is working as an accent shade which is an exceptional way of coordination. Let the coral do the talking!


TIP- Raspberry or ivory lehenga will make a n extraordinary pair with the coral jaimalas.


  1. Same soft tonal accents as the outfits- Another way to maintain the harmony of your outfit is to go with the same soft accent color that your outfits have and match it with your jaimala. This works beautifully and the coordination looks immaculate.


TIP- Olive, teal and emerald also go really well with blush and white jaimala.

Image Source: Hannalee Photography


  1. Contrasting but light shade jaimala and bright outfit- This is a little tricky but if you can pull the combination off well, can be the best exciting combination. The idea is to go for completely contrasting colors jaimala but keeping the tone low so the overall look doesn't go overboard.


TIP- The contrasting colors jaimala will also look good with lighter but contrasting outifts.

Image Source: Elite Wedding Planner


  1. White and bold color jaimala with ivory outfits- One of the simplest ways to wear your jaimala and yet stand out as a couple. The idea is to pick a jaimala with white and any other bold color to go with that will also channel as a contrasting color to the outfit.


TIP- This is an evergreen jaimala combination but for the uniqueness try to work it out with pastels.

Image Source: Miss Malini


  1. Matching the jaimala with the background- This is quite a unique and spellbinding combination. Match your jaimala colors with the background of the mandap and trust us it will be the most dramatic combination ever.


TIP- You can also choose the exact same flowers for the jaimala as you have for the background for an enthralling effect.

Image Source: The Wedding Salad


  1. Matching the jaimala color with one of the outfits- If you are going for eye popping bright colors and your partner is opting for the lighter shade, match your jaimala shade with one of the outfits to have the killer combination. Check out the two photographs below!



TIP- If you want to go a little off beat try out a ombre color jaimala matching the colors of one of the outfits.

Image Source:Wedding Nama

Image Source: Pooja Joseph Photography


  1. This special one is for every special bride out there - Grey/shades of grey with tonl orchids- If you are planning to wear a gray lehenga then you should definately go for orchids as a jaimala to have that perfect princess look.


Image Source: The Photo Diary


We just can’t get over how breathtakingly beautiful each jaimala is. Can you?