#WeddingInspiration- 14 Awesome Ways To Personalize Your Wedding!

By Vartika Puranik


Wedding is no doubt a very special occasion for every Indian bride-to-be. Your D-day should be a memorable event with an exceptional detailing of every kind. We know how brides these days want to lend their own touch to everything to make the big day extra special and this is why we have listed down the best ways in which you can personalise your own wedding. Have a look!


  1. This trend is going nowhere now! Started by Kresha Bajaj, you can also weave your love story on your lehenga.

Image Source- House Of Pixels


  1. This cute and adorable centre decor can be for your mehendi ceremony. 10/10

Image Source-Gaurav Hinge


  1. Co-ordinating outfits with your pets is another awesome trend we love.

Image Source- Wedding Nama


  1. Give your mehendi decor a cool bride swag vibe with this Dulhaniya sign.

Image Source-Dipak Studio


  1. An eye-popping digital doodle of the bride and the groom on the wedding card.

Image Source-Anushka Hardikar


  1. Candies and a special message for your guests on the package. What else can be more exciting?

Image Source-Cool Bluez Photography


  1. Personalized cool and trendy bathrobes for your mother and mother-in-law.

Image Source-Nicole Engstrom


  1. A delicious wedding cake with a creative cake topper.

Image Source-Morvi Images


  1. Because you also need to channel your inner #bridechilla with these quirky pair of shoes.

Image Source-Cool Bluez Photography


  1. Who says you two can't be a super couple like Bollywood celebrities? #nameblending

Image Source-Cup Cake Productions


  1. Why not pair up with your partner to complete mehendi design? #becauseitis2017

Image Source-Cup Cake Productions


  1. A chic and elegant bride clutch as an emergency kit.

Image Source- Morvi Images


  1. Delicious cookies with bride and groom's name that your guests won't be able to resist.

Image Source-One Lemon Street


  1. Creative side table decor for the Mr. And Mrs.

Image Source-Morvi Image


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