Wise Stories with Devika Narain

By Shreya Rathi




Founder at Devika Narain Co.


What fascinates you about your line of work?

The last few hours of setup are the best- a shot of adrenaline enters your body! The ability to be able to see something come to life from nothing is spectacular- the sheer joy that you feel after months of planning, absolute insanity, mess ups and firefighting is exhilarating!  

How old were you when you became passionate about event planning?

I suppose it has always been in my genes. My mother and aunts hosted the most lavish parties especially for our birthdays and did almost everything for it on their own- I suppose it started back then. I carried it with me to school and college where I was always involved in organising events.  

How do you stay motivated?

Mindless TV, books and lots of holidays :D  

What according to you is your USP as an event specialist?

At Devika Narain & Company we have only two goals.
  1. To tell the personal stories and family histories through spaces and make each event unique + fun for guests.
  2. To go completely local and create weddings completely handcrafted by NGOs and artisans. There is a tremendous sense of giving back to society and our goal is to give back little by little with each wedding.

How do you ensure that each event is different from the other?

Each client is different, venues are different and that sort of permeates the essence of the wedding. Our weddings are driven more by personal choices than trends which also means that we manage to create different experiences for all our wedding guests.  

Important information that you keep in mind before working with a new client?

Be very clear that you are all on the same page. Mutual trust paves the way to that, but a clear understanding of what all is involved and is needed is necessary.  

What elements do you take in consideration before starting to plan an event?

I always begin visualising an event from the perspective of a guest, what they would do, where they would go, what they would like to see! This drives the entire planning process-  

How do you remain up-to-date with the event industry?

Like any other design centric industry, events are influenced by art, film, fashion and literature. I love all these genres and keep up with what’s happening in the world. Sometimes, it isn’t important to know what your neighbour is doing; instead, it’s more important to know what’s happening in the world.  

Describe your most successful event planning experience. What did you do that made it so successful?

Instead of my most successful one, I’ll tell you about my favourite! Somewhere in the summer of 2015, I get a call from San Francisco, with a certain Sylvia on the line telling me that she’s getting married in December (She’s Telugu- he’s American- already sounds like a dream wedding!) and that she’s getting married in Kumarkom. While I am on the phone, I Google the venue and within a second I say YES! Within Six months, we design one of the most beautiful weddings of my career! The greatest honour you can have as a designer is to be granted infinite creative freedom and that’s just what I got! With one meeting and two phone calls I was able to create something that made all of us so happy. To me, that’s what wedding spaces should do, remind us of where we come from and be able to make the people we love most, happy. Sylvie taught me that!  

How do you use social media for your event planning or for attracting customers?

I love Instagram! It’s so fabulously competitive, who has more likes- more followers- more reach. I manage my own page and savour every bit of it. For me, social media is a brilliant way to share not just my work, but also my experiences- I connect with brides all over the world- even those who don’t hire us-  

Nuggets of wisdom for young aspiring event planners?

Work hard.  There is no shortcut to that! Give life some time, Earn a name, not just money. Be honest. And share everything you learn.   Follow her here: Instagram Facebook