Wise Stories with Natasha Moor

By Shreya Rathi


"You have to work hard to keep the reputation you've built."

Natasha Moor (International Makeup Artist)



What were the early days of your career like?

Scary, exciting, stressful and fun... kind of like how it still is! I still get nervous before a job and am always excited no matter how exhausted I am. The first two years were definitely more of a struggle. To make formidable contacts, you have to work 5 times as hard to build credibility. However, once you do, it doesn't get much easier... you have to work hard to keep the reputation you've built.


Did you have to test a lot in the beginning to build your book?

Yes, I did A LOT of test shoots and freebies. You have to in this industry. Initially, it was so frustrating but now when I look back at some of the crazy hours I had to work and the ridiculous jobs I had to do, I remember that it was not easy to get here and I take pride in the hard work I've put in. I'm so grateful for having experienced what I did!


How old were you when you became passionate about makeup?

I have always been passionate about makeup - since I was in primary school I would do all my teachers hair and makeup!! I never thought I'd be able to turn it into a career though. When I was 22 I was doing really well working in events and entertainment. It was definitely difficult to just quit my job at the time and follow my heart and passion. But I did- and it was the best move of my life!


What fascinates you about this line of work?

Firstly, having the power to make someone feel beautiful is the most amazing feeling in the world. Giving people a boost of confidence and seeing how happy it can make someone - that's what I truly love the most.


What made you decide to take up your passion as a profession?

A lot of courage- special thanks to my father. He had always told me to follow my heart and do what I love because whatever I'm passionate about will, in turn, become a successful business. I owe a lot to him for his guidance and support.


Advice for young makeup artists who are just starting their career in the makeup industry.

The beauty industry has a lot of negativity, competition, and hate. Ignore the negativity and take on the competition with a smile and good attitude. One thing that might really get to you, in the beginning, is having to deal with disrespectful and rude clients with crazy requests. Don't ever be a pushover, stand up for what's right but also understand it goes beyond just applying makeup. You are there to ensure your client walks out looking and feeling beautiful no matter what it takes. Another tip, always believe in yourself.


Your tips for a bride-to-be, on how to look camera friendly?

With my brides, I have my own full on photoshoot sessions with crazy tips and tricks! It's always so much fun. I guess my tip would be when in doubt, smile! And if you don't like your smile, giggle. Giggle shots are my favourite!


Three essential tools that every girl should have in her kit.

Concealer, Natasha Moor lipstick ;) and hmm something for your brows!


Tell us about two season makeup trends you find interesting for this season.

I love highlighted, dewy healthy looking skin. That's always in for me! I'm also still obsessing over Matte lips.


Makeup trend that you feel should never come back.

Skinny eyebrows. Oh jeeze I'm such a victim to that.  

Tell us a quote that inspires you, both personally and professionally.

No one is you, and that is your power.   Follow her work at:- Website - Instagram - Facebook -