I still remember how my friend and I had a huge discussion on Choodas, their essence, and importance in a bride’s life when she was getting married. While I decided that I’d sport a non-Swarovski subtle shaded chooda whenever I tie the knot, somewhere in my heart I knew that she’d not conform to the obvious red-white bangle set, considering how eccentric she is. 7months later, she proved my gut correct by flaunting a royal blue set that shined brighter than stars! That day, I got to know the existence of distinct choodas, and how Indian brides are breaking stereotypes and flaunting their unique style! Because red is MAINSTREAM!

Let’s take a look at the different styles and prep for our weddings!

The Colourful Brigade

Source – Kimtae – Yeons on Tumblr

The Love of Baby Pink

Source – Kaur Dhaliwal

The Blingy Red Affair

Source – Pinterest

The One With Name Embarked

Source – IWP Photography & Video

The Subtle Hue

Source – Pinterest

The Peach Fun

Source – Pinterest

The Elegance of White

Source – BangleHouse.com

The Dark Pink Love

Source – Pinterest

The Funky Orange

Source – Dream Indian Wedding on Tumblr

Which one do you like the best?

Featured Image Credits – Harleen Deol Photography

Disclaimer – If you are the creator of above pictures taken from Pinterest, please mail us to give you due credits 🙂 

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