As a kid, the only invaluable possession I had was my grandmother’s hand knit sweaters. During winters my wardrobe shone like a rainbow with beautiful colours, but my favourite was a mint green shade with a small flower attached on the top left corner. When she left for a better place, those sweaters became my comfort corners that kept me warm on days when I missed her most. That’s how I grew close with crochet and knit pieces.


As a grown up now, I keep looking for knitting inspiration across social media platforms to satiate my soul. And while browsing through the same ideas repeated everywhere, I stumbled upon OONY by Anab. Here are some fascinating things she has created:-

CARDS or love expressions


HAIR BOWS to bow people down

A wave of fresh air, super innovative ideas and eye-grabbing colours, fibre artist Anab Naiyer, has taken the world of crochet knitting on a different level altogether. In fact, she has created some brilliant pieces like bralette and hair bows that can be used for a bachelorette trip.

So, now you can dump the age old paper accessories for your bestie’s big day and switch to crochet! Take a look at her offerings:-

THE UBER CHIC BRALETTE for beach babes


CLASSY HALTER TOPS for breezy evenings

COLOUR BOMB HAIR PINS to control the unruly hair

SOME TRAVEL UTILITIES because who are we, without them

Utility basket for the OCD Chick


Kindle Holder for the Bibliophile


For the Sleepy One


The list is endless! There’s more to this extravagant list of eye-appealing goodies! So bridesmaids, get your game on the “crochet” track and make the bachelorette a spinning affair!

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