While everyone thinks that it is only the bride who worries about her wedding oufits. It is not true. Grooms have their own dilemmas when it comes to selecting what to wear on what occasion. Hence we bring you some of our favorite Menswear styles!

Jodhpuri Suits

Jodhpuri suits are a blend of Indian and western styling, and are also known as “prince suits.” it is a coat and pair of pants, accompanied by a vest. You can easily wear it on your Engagement or Ladies Sangeet Ceremony. Experiment with colours and prints. If you think you can pull it off, try an all white Jodhpuri Suit.


Picture Credit: The Indian Express

Dhoti Kurtas

A dhoti kurta outfit can easily be worn on your mehndi giving you a casual yet sleek look. The dhoti can be worn in different styles which helps quir up the outfit. You can either mix-or-match the kurta of your choice or pick a pre-matched set of dhoti and kurta. To complete this look, you can wear a jacket over your kurta.



If you are looking to wear something that is classy and modern at the same time, then achkan will be a perfect choice for you. The difference between achkan and sherwani lies in their length and fabric. Achkan’s are made of more lighter and finer fabrics, such as chikan, linen or jamwar. Thus, it makes a better choice for your summer wedding. Embroidery on an achkan depends on its fabric.



Perfect for a cocktail. This look is smart and never goes out of style. A classic black tuxedo is a sure way of sweeping your bride to be off her feet! Wear it with a waist coat or a cummerband. And don’t forget the bow tie!


Ghera Skirt

If you are a fashion fanatic and love experimenting with your clothes, why not go for this unconventional ghera skirt look. Designer Anju Modi introduced this to us back in 2013 and Ranveer Singh rocked the look. So why can’t you?


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