The Concept of Guest Books in Indian Weddings

Guest Books are rare to find at Indian weddings. To change this and bring this lovely shenanigan to India, here some beautiful and cool guest book inspirations for your wedding.

Drop it like it’s Heart

This beautiful concept of little wooden hearts, to be signed by the guests and dropped inside a photo frame, which then would be taken home and cherished for years to come.


Picture Courtesy- TheGuestBookCo

The Old School Wedding Guest Book

In this age of Whatsapp and Skype, the old school post cards and letters have lost a significant ground. Nevertheless, a real letter in our mail-box excites us more than an email now. So, why not go retro and keep a box full of postcards and let the guests choose one, write a message for the bride and the groom and then guide them to drop it in a wedding themed post box set up specially for these messages. A nice way to capture memories.



Picture Courtesy- Paper Antler

A Guest-made Bucket List

Let them leave messages and ideas that’ll eventually go on into your post-wedding list. A chance for you to see how many crazy ideas do they have in store for you. Also, make sure to promise your guests that you’ll complete that list (provided it isn’t next level crazy).



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