WedWise’s Top 5 Wedding Venues in Delhi

WedWise’s Wedding Venues Recommendation

A couple’s wedding day is one of the most important days in their lives. Each couple wants their D-Day to be as memorable and fantastic as it can be. To achieve that, couples these days are willing to do anything that is possible to get that perfect D-Day!

WedWise brings to you our list of top 5 wedding avenues that we think will add to the perfect D-Day. Check out our luxurious wedding avenues which we think will be perfect for you. Supremely Luxurious banqueting options in Delhi and NCR offer to host a wedding that will have your guests talking about the celebrations for a long time. Have a quick look :

Mansion Hyatt Delhi :

Graceful charm!

For those looking for banqueting of the highest quality, the Mansion Oval Room is your answer. It is a unique and innovative concept specializing in the highest quality of banqueting there is. The Mansion Oval room is spread out over an area of 15,925 sq ft. “It opens its doors in 2014 and unveils the company’s blueprint for all future expansion. This is the first time that a luxury hotel will feature a banquet with the best-in-class kitchen, bar and banquet experience”. The service is graced with magnificent reception areas & ballrooms, and service that is second to none. The Mansion is an ideal venue for a lavish wedding reception.

Veda – Chattarpur

Fit for a king!

With Veda, Luxury and pomp combine in an explosive manner. With the overwhelming hospitality provided by Veda is combined with the glamorous setting, you can be sure that your guests will be star-struck when they visit you for your wedding. Such is the power of the Veda Banquet Hall. VEDA is a ten-minute drive from the airport making it an ideal venue for weddings with a lot of outstation guests. Occupying 13 acres of space, VEDA is spread out over 2 large venues with centralized air-conditioning. Plus it also provides guests with 1 lac sqft of the parking area. What more could one ask for! For the rich and the royal, this is the place you should go to!

The Umrao, New Delhi :

Glitz and Glamour

The Umrao is five kilometres from the Indian Gandhi Airport making it one of the more expensive and better options amongst hotels due to its location. The hotel staff is extremely courteous and pleasant to interact with. Nice, green lush lawns greet the visitors. With good room amenities and good housekeeping work done by the staff, one can expect your wedding guests to be taken care of.

The Westin Gurgaon:

Enchanting and seductive!

A nine-minute walk from the metro station will change your perspective and opinion if you are currently looking for a place to get married or if you are looking out for a destination for your loved ones. Some amazing banquets are provided by The Westin Gurgaon and with the lighting, the soothing environment and the beautiful decor, it makes for the perfect wedding venue.

The Ritz – Ambience Golf Drive, Gurgaon

The Ritz is an exceptional banquet hall, known for its french chateau-like ambience. It is designed by the amazingly talented Gayatri Sekhri. With its distinctive and eccentric design, Gayatri Sekhri has managed to dazzle all those who visit the banquet hall, making it one of the more sought after banquet halls for weddings. One experiences unmatched hospitality combined with impeccable decor which makes it all the more alluring option amongst all the banquet halls. A parking facility with a capacity of two thousand vehicles is provided alongside valet services.

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