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What is IMWF?

The International MICE & Wedding Forum (IMWF) is a grand business event that brings together the greatest MICE and wedding planners, hotels, airlines, and corporate brands. Around 250 delegates from approximately 40 countries, including England, India, Russia, and the United States, attended the event this year round.

DAY 1 

IMWF is the greatest event of its industry to bring a worldwide community together. It started on 18th November 2021. IMWF 2021, fifth this year, was held in Antalya gathering the industry’s world stars with airlines, hotels, and vendors’ senior level officials to develop new businesses and networks. Senior executives from highly profitable MICE and Wedding Planning organisations, as well as exhibitors, were present at the event. The one-of-its-kind event unveiled international business & growth opportunities with speakers who are seasoned experts in their professions, B2B meetings during the day and events by the top event designers and foreign exhibitions during the evening.

During his speech, IMWF Managing Partner Mr. N. Fuat Ersoy said: “We were not able to meet face to face because of the pandemic in the last two years. We gathered here for the 5th IMWF. We will be hosting the leading owners and managers of esteemed companies from our precious industry. Without the support of Titanic Mardan Palace and our national flag carrier Turkish Airlines, we would not be able to make this event happen in these rough times. We thank them in your presence.”

Titanic Hotels Marketing Director Ms. Yeşim Akkiraz who was also present at the event, said, “We are happy to host the IMWF, an event that has a worldwide reach. We wish you to enjoy Antalya and our hotel.

Inventum Global Founding Partner Mr. Bünyat Özpak mentioned that, “Instead of pushing for the higher levels, we quit the competition. As Turkey, we are successful in tourism, and we are the 5th or 6th country in total number of tourists.” He added that, every country that has the tourism capabilities, pursue India. 250,000 Indian tourists yearly is a very low number for a country hosting more than 30-40 million tourists every year. They are hosting the companies that produce business and showing them our different sides. 

The day ended with a Bohemian themed Social Night. It had some amazing performances including the Whirling dervish and had melodious live music for everyone to enjoy. 


Day 2 of IMWF 2021 started off with a grand opening ceremony which had a Squid Game themed entrance.

Dmitry Roukev, Managing Partner, ADA Symposium talked about Green and Sustainable events-Lets be eco friendly. Prof. Dr. Emre Toros, Dean, Faculty of Communication, Hacettepe University shared his thoughts on how the society has changed post covid. Lord Jason Scott, CEO Kopus talked about Resilience and how to overcome tough times and keep moving on based on his own life experiences. 

Angela Proffit, Event & Productivity Consultant, Gsd Creative spoke on the topic “What is your Return on Time?” which was all about time management skills. The final speaker was  Orkun Özocak who is a Psychotherapist and Counsellor. He explained what really matters between Perfection and Excellence. 

It continued with a panel session on Resembling MICE and Weddings which has various speakers such as Frieha Altaf (CEO & Director, Catwalk Event Management & Production), Hemant Kale (Director, Swaaha Weddings and Experiences), Naveen Rizvi (Executive Director, Incentive Conference & Event Management), Andrey Krinitskiy (Director of MICE, Talarii), Lana Olifer (Owner & Senior Wedding Planners, Lana Wedding Planner), Eva Maria Lange (CEO, Pink Iceland), Irina Karnaukhova (General Manager, Demlink Atlas), Frank Damgaard (Director, Monte-Carlo Weddings) with Jessica Laventure being the master of ceremony. 

The theme for Day 2’s social night was Your Country. The dress code for the attendees was to represent their country’s culture and ethnicity. It was a fun filled evening with a traditional showcase of Turkish performing arts.

Day 3

The third day was all about B2B meetings and making connections. The various hotels, wedding planners, airlines, media houses from all across the world participated in it and got a chance to network with one another.  Top hotels such as Hilton, Grand Hyatt , Ritz Carlton, Shangri-la and various others participated in the meetings. Companies such as Percept, The Global Design Co., Horizon Wie, Harvey Tours and Travels, Axplore Travelplus, Incredible vacations, Jashn- Signature Wedding and Events, Talarii, and numerous others from the Wedding and MICE industry were present there. 

Day 3 also ended with a carnival themed Social Night. It was full of great performances and an extraordinary display of  fireworks.


The IMWF came to an end with a spectacular gala night. Mr. Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, Turkish Republic Minister of Culture and Tourism, and Mr. Neşet Koçkar, Chairman of ANEX Tourism Group, were present among the guests.

In his speech, Mr. Koçkar stated that, “We went through hard times; the pandemic was hard especially for our industry. In my opinion, we will be better than ever when we are at the end of the pandemic era. Because people are bored of staying home for a long time and they are longing for new experiences and visiting new places.”

The Turkish Republic Minister of Culture and Tourism,  Mr. Mehmet Nuri Ersoy said, “Our country is one of the leaders of the International MICE sector. According to most statistics, Istanbul is one of the top destinations for international meetings, congresses, and events. We are not focusing on only one goal. The potential of our country is to offer more than that. We are mentioning an extremely important sector.”  He also talked about destination weddings having a volume of 300 billion dollars on a global scale. A wedding organization has a volume of at least 500-600 US dollars daily spending per person. He concluded the speech by thanking all institutions, organizations and individuals who participated in the event.

Mr. N. Fuat Ersoy, Managing Partner, IMWF, continued the closing celebration with an awards event, where partners such as Turkish Airlines, Titanic Mardan Palace, Türkiye Tourism Promotion and Development Agency, and Inventum Global, as well as other stakeholders, were honored.

Live music, stage shows, rounded out the evening and the attendees left with a lot of  memorable moments. 

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