It’s said being in a long distance relationship makes two people become more fond of each other. It’s a beautiful feeling where you know there is someone who is miles away feeling just the way you do. It’s with all the imperfections you develop the special bond with each other.

These are the 9 things to remember in a long distance relationship.

  1. Don’t bring in the ego: When two people are in a relationship – you both are on the same page, there’s nobody inferior or superior. Don’t let your ego come in between while initiating the effort or waiting for your partner to do it “first”. You cannot be authoritative with your partner – show them love. It’s all about you two being ‘one’ together.


2. Respect each other’s personal life: When a person is in a relationship with you – they are in because they want to be with you. You need to have trust in your partner – it might happen sometimes that you feel jealous of him meeting other people but that’s okay. Some amount of jealousy is sweet – it’s a way of expressing of how much you love your partner but over doing it is definitely a bad idea. Just like you, even your partner has his set of friends and people from work and elsewhere and you should appreciate him giving time to them. Give each other some space and don’t lack trust in your partner.

long distance relationship


3. Close your conversations on a positive note: Arguments happen in every relationship and it’s considered good to talk about the matters of the heart but always remember to end your conversation on a positive note. We all have a tendency of assuming things and taking decisions on our own without really discussing it with our partner – be open about your thoughts and eventually close it all on a happy note.


4. Share and discuss everything with them: Don’t shy away from sharing your feelings or everyday happenings with your partner. It’s always a good idea to talk about your life with him and even hear them out. Don’t feel odd for burdening them with your problems. Sharing is a great idea and it will make your partner feel much more special.

long distance relationship


5. Be honest in your relationship: Be honest to each other about all your emotions and feelings, these are the basics that keep the relationship going. It is important to express your concerns, anxieties and fears to your partner else overthinking can make you take wrong decisions. Hiding such matters only bring up problems in a longer period of time cause you keep building up your issues deep inside and later they come out together. This lets your partner extend his support to you emotionally and he will appreciate that you were being open and honest about it all.


6. Let trust and commitment be there: Long distance relationships teach us to give space to our partners. Trust and commitment are two basic essentials for a happy relationship. You two have to stay committed to each other without being overly suspicious and paranoid about your partner especially when you can’t reach him. Negativity and mistrust tend to bring two people apart so don’t let that happen in your relationship. Eventually being in a long distance relationship will teach you to become more comprising, thoughtful and appreciative of each other.

long distance relationship


7. No relationship is perfect but you can make it worth it: Love is a beautiful feeling and when you have someone who also feels the same – it’s the best thing to happen. You need to understand that every relationship goes through highs and lows and staying together is what makes your relationship worth. In a long distance relationship, you will experience various hardships and emotions feeling lonely cause your partner is not physically present with you, but at the end of the day you know this person feels the same way for you be it how far. It’s such phases which make it worth it.


8. Surprise your partner: When two people are in a long distance relationship, seeing each other everyday like other couples doesn’t happen. You two depend on the modern age technology to keep things going. Imagine how happy your partner will feel if you give them a surprise visit when they least expect it. It will be a sweet gesture from your end and will help you two bond better real time.

long distance relationship


9. Spend your time doing something productive: You constantly miss your partner specially cause he is not around and you will automatically feel low and miserable. Good thing is that it’s okay to feel that ways, but you can involve yourself in some activity that you enjoy doing and this way it will keep you busy and as well keep your mind diverted. It’s a positive way to keep your emotions in control and still have all the love for your partner.

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