Indian weddings are big, loud & a lot of fun! This fun though comes with baggage.
A time for celebration & union of two hearts often becomes time for evaluation the ‘other party’ & one sided exchange of gifts.

We live in an open world of globalization where education & exposure are plenty yet when it comes to weddings many of us show primitive behavior in the name of ‘tradition’.

Let us truly evolve in this particular scenario & happily unfollow the following wedding trends:


  1. Groom’s entry on a horse/elephant or any animal:

    Image Courtesy: Four Seasons

    We don’t know what is the logic behind a groom entering the premises of the wedding on a female horse aka ‘ghodi’ but this needs to end. Animals can hear sounds 10 times louder than us humans & the baraat surrounding the nervous horse while the baratis take time to dance while leaving the groom’s house, on the road & outside the venue is a time of pure torture for the underfed, beaten to be trained horse. And bear in mind yours isn’t the only wedding the ghodi is obligated to attend.
    So please spare the ghodi if you’re getting married this year (or any year) & make a peaceful, joyous, even a dashing entry with your friends & families on cars & bikes that don’t feel a thing.
    Let your day of happiness not be a day of torture for someone else.

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  2. Obnoxious shades during day weddingsDay weddings & sunglasses go hand-in-hand. While we understand that its sunny & our eyes need protection but if you’re wearing sun-glasses to a wedding for the following reasons, please put them down:
    • Everyone else will be wearing them.
    • Selfies will come out rad!
    • It goes with my outfit.
    • I just bought new ones & I need to take them out.
    • I’ll look cool yo!

    Image Courtesy: The Delhi Bride

  3. Done to death photo-booth of mirror-less frames

    Yes, we all love clicking photos on weddings, after all we’ve put our best foot forward.. and we are all for that! Photo-booths are the current wedding trend but there seems to be a severe dearth of creativity in this particular department.
    Don’t let your wedding planner get away with repeating the generic mirror-less frames! Ask them to be creative.
    You are most welcomed to refer to our Pinterest boards ‘Wedding Décor Inspiration’ & ‘Summer Wedding’ for inspiration & ideas.
  4. Drunk uncle doing nagin-dance
    We all have that one relative! Our advice: Either keep them away from the bar or the dance-floor!
  5. Wedding Stage
    The most pointless exercise during a wedding is the stage for the bride & groom to get bored at! We all know that the couple gets bored, hungry, cranky meeting people they’ve never met & will never meet again. It is their day after all & they should be able to enjoy it.
    Thus if you’re getting married, here is our advice: Ditch the stage & mingle with the crowd. Who ever wants a photo with you & congratulate you will find you!
  6. The Dahej FunctionWe are not going to go in circles around this one. We’ve all heard versions of the following ‘This is not dowry; this is our love!’ Enter, the sagan function, the birth-right of every ladka-wala!
    There is no harm in exchanging gifts, after-all weddings are a celebration. But there needs to be an ‘exchange’ that means it is a two-way street & gifts need to come & go both ways. If expectations are still laid on the girl’s family, do we even need to tell you it’s not worth your time? You’d just be opening the flood-gates to a life of ‘ji-hazoori’.
    PS If you need to buy your daughter’s happiness (because that is the excuse most parents use when girls get married), you need to rethink proprieties!


    Image Courtesy: Sociable7


  7. Split the bill
    While we are on the subject, why is the girl’s family entitled to pay the bill while showering the boy’s family & extended relatives with gifts?
    It is simple, two people are getting married & two families shall thus bear the costs.
  8. Couple Photo SessionThe idea of capturing romance is quite laughable when it comes to weddings. Unnatural awkward poses that shall never see the light of day again have been a ritual with wedding photographers. Thankfully the problem is getting solved with the influx of new-age photographers who understand the difference between capturing a moment vs. creating a fake one.
  9. Our tip: Hire the latter, not the former! Our Instagram page is filled with many such options!
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